Fine music from the Temple of Heaven, China

Some of the most memorable things during my visit to The Temple of Heaven om 30th April 2012 were the improvised music inside the temple and in the park.

I bring some short videos – and there’s room for improvement, I know. Hope to find a good video editing system soon. But I hope you’ll get an impression of this beautifull day anyway.

Although these two men inside the temple were later told to stop their music by the authorities they did have time to play several numbers.

Peoples choir

This choir of grown up individuals kept changing all the time. People kept coming and going. They brought their songbooks, sang a couple of songs and left again. I stayed there listening for quite a while.

Coming up

This young man in the park of Temple of Heaven made a quite a lot of people stop listening to his beautiful singing. Somewhat melancholic. I liked it very much and bought one of his records – records made possible by his mother, someone told me. He didn’t make enough money by singing yet – but it was none the less very important for him to get the music out.